Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the biggest inter-disciplinary student associations in Europe, founded in 1989 with the aim of supporting and improving the student exchange. We are present in 343 bodies of University education in 33 countries.

The network is constantly increasing and expanding. ESN works in higher education systems:

 Offering services to 150,000 students

 Based on volunteer work

 With an average annual growth rate equal to 12.3%

ESN operates on three different grounds: local, national and international. The work of the ESN focuses mostly on the creation of an environment based on an education always changing and flexible, sustaining and developing the exchange between students on different levels, offering the chance, also to students who do not have the opportunity of living a period of time abroad, of experimenting an intercultural experience (“Internationalization at home”).



 Works in the interest of international students

 Works for improving the integration of foreign students, both practically and socially

 Gives information about student mobility programs

 Helps the returning students with their reintegration

 Contributes to improving the accessibility to student mobility

 Takes care of its members

 Gives value to volunteer jobs