ESN UNICATT MILANO is the local section of Milan, connected with the Cattolica University, which follows the aims of ESN in the city of Milan and particularly for young people in Milan, working with the sections of ESN Statale, ESN Politecnico, ESN Bocconi, ESN IULM and ESN Milano-Bicocca.

Our association is formed by volunteer students, most of all former Erasmus, and students of Cattolica University interested in LLP activities and programs. In 2011, five Cattolica students who had just came back from their Erasmus experiences abroad, decided to start a new adventure funding the ESN association in their University. Their aim was to contribute to this network after the positive experience they had had abroad, being in contact with foreign students and organizing for them activities and services which could make the Erasmus experience in Milan a unique and unforgettable experience.

In July 2012, during the National Platform in Foggia, ESN UNICATT MILANO officially became part of the ESN Italy Network. Now the section counts more than 50 volunteers who daily work to different activities in order to make the erasmus experience in Milan unforgettable. The section is growing both for the number of ESNers and incoming students and the amount and level of projects and activities is always higher. 

Using the qualities and the good will of local students, ESN UNICATT MILANO helps and supports foreign and Italian students, integrating them in the institutional reality and in the urban juvenile life. In particular, ESN UNICATT MILANO gives them all the information useful for improving as much as possible their stay. The section organizes periodical cultural and entertaining activities, and trips to places of interest in Italy, inserting foreign and Italian students in a well consolidated group.


   Homecoming students:
Italian students, who are coming back from their mobility period, are supported in the process of reintegration, keeping themselves in contact with a multicultural environment.

  Exchange students:
Despite that, in main, the European Student Networks’ aims are directed at the current exchange students, who often find that they have to address problems on their own and can feel abandoned in a foreign country. Because of this, ESN offers help at an academic, social and integration level. All this means activities, at a local level, that include social and cultural events such as trips in different places of the host country, film viewings, tutoring programs and linguistic exchanges, international dinners and, obviously parties.