Dear Erasmus people,

Many of you asked for it and now we’re presenting it to you: this year’s ESN Evento Nazionale (National Event)! It is the biggest national event that takes place every year in a different location. This year is going to be in Rimini from the 16th to the 19th of May, 4 AMAZING DAYS - We’ll even be on the seaside! After the Integration Weekend and the ESN Swim Break, join us for this HUGE event, in which about 3500 people from all over the world will take place. 

We’re going to have LOTS of fun. During this great event there’s going to be, sport tournaments on the beach, plenty of parties thanks to the renowned Rimini’s night life and its clubs. If you’re also into travelling and visiting new places (which I suppose you are), there’s also going to be two additional and optional trips to:
- San Marino (on Friday morning)
- Ravenna (on Saturday morning)

They’re both amazing places to visit, but if you prefer you can also chill and party all day, thanks to the non-stop activities that will take place both during daytime and night-time!

During the event you will have:
- Access to ALL the day/night parties that will take place during the event;
- Breakfast and dinners during the stay;
- Accomodation for the 4 days and 3 nights we’ll be there;
- Transportation on a private bus;
- An amazing welcome kit which includes a bag, a t-shirt and sunglasses;
- Insurance for both the stay and the transfer;

It’s the biggest event of the year, we can’t stress enough how you definitely can’t miss this if you’re into anything good in life.
The registrations won’t be open for a long time, so REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! 

Log in on Jupiter ( to pre-register for the event (if you're having any trouble tell us, we will help you!)