The Laissez-Passer of the Erasmus Generation is the passport of European talents, a project launched by the foundation garagErasmus in connection with the XXX Anniversary of the Erasmus Programme.

A very special contest is online now: if you consider yourself (or a friend of yours) an Erasmus Talent, you can candidate [HERE] and win 3 thousand Euros to invest in a mobility experience, an entrepreneurial project or a course to improve your education! Find all details in the presentation attached below.

The goal of the passport is to create a connection between the Erasmus generation and privates, companies, recruiters and philanthropists that want to support the most important programme of the European Union of the last XXX years. The Laissez-Passer of the Erasmus generation wants to involve the former Erasmus and tell their stories to the civil society, helping them with the development of their professional life.

The Laissez Passer also provides an overall message in favor of European and international mobility, exchanges, and symbolically representing the gE Appeal to the Erasmus Generation, read at the EU Parliament on November 2012 by the garagErasmus Founders. In details, the expression “Laissez Passer” is what the Erasmus Generation reckons regarding the barriers and borders of Europe: no obstacles can stop the Erasmus Generation in developing themselves through mobility and work experiences around our continent.

If you want to find out more, check out the garagErasmus website and sign up to stay updated on every opportunity!